Maryland: Boonsboro at Halloween

Great Falls, Maryland

Boonsboro is a little town just down the hill from the Maryland Washington Monument, and when I passed through it was just before Halloween. Whatever you make of Halloween (something to be celebrated or avoided) you have to be amused and amazed at the effort that goes into it here. Vast piles of pumpkins are on sale by the road sides, and people make all sorts of folksy straw-stuffed figures. Rather than a celebration of spookiness and trick-or-treating, it feels during the day like a celebration of autumn colours, country crafts and weird leftover fruits that nobody wants. Of course the gorgeous late October sunshine helps.



More Pumpkins


Weird fruit ("squashes" and stuff)


More weirdness


Craft People...


...and some more


I stopped for coffee at the "Turn the Page" Bookstore/Cafe, and had a nice chat to the lady who runs it.

Boonsboro is such a classic little American town that I'll probably go back to photograph more of it.

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